Let's Play!

When we moved to Whitefish I asked my friends with kids to recommend a preschool for my daughter, and it was unanimous – all four families recommended the Whitefish Community School! It’s such a warm, nurturing environment where my daughter really thrives. We love it!
— The Binder Family

The Whitefish Community School has wonderful outdoor space that is enjoyed every season of the year. The playground area is well-equipped with swings, slides, climbing structures, and a sandbox, as well as a play house, toy kitchen and ride-on toys for creative play. The expansive lawn area gives children room to run (and run and run), and provides two wonderful hills for rolling in the grass and sledding on the snow.

 Planting vegetables in our garden beds creates fun learning experiences for the children, and yummy veggies to each for lunches. Our huge weeping willow provides cool shade in the summer, and our apple tree provides crunchy apples to snack on in the fall. At the WFCS we believe that fresh air and exercise are essential to growing healthy bodies and happy hearts, so we make sure to take advantage of our wonderful outdoor space every day.